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poltrona da massaggio Joyzone Joy800

April 4, 2019

poltrona da massaggio Joyzone Joy800


Our company Anhui Joyzone Health Tech CO,. LTD, is a professional manufacturer of massage products. We have engaged on massage chair business since 1997 and have a lot of experiences in many countries all over the world.

Here would like to introduce our poltrona da massaggio Joy800 as your reference. It is our latest model with all advanced functions. Such as 3D zero gravity, Heating, Airbag massage, 12 kinds of Automatic programs, 6 kinds of massage technologies, 140cm super long SL-shaped track, Full body smart scan, Bluetooth speaker and so on.

SL-shaped track fits human body curve, according to human body S-shaped curve, create L-shaped massage guide. Deeply fit the human spine, precise massage. 3D massage machine provide all dimensional massage. 3D deep press and knead to simulate the real person, and the strength is just right. It can automatically scan the human body, stretch the legs, and adjust the massage position according to the shape and length of the legs. Double row rollers on the sole to scrapping massage. 38 airbags on shoulders, braccia, natiche, vitelli, piedi. Massage the whole body, you can enjoy a customized massage at any time.


Specification of Joy800:

* Dimensions of packing(chair body): 167 X 85 X 88.5 centimetro

* Dimensions of packing(armrest) : 111 X 39.5 X 70 centimetro

* Dimensions of packing(footrest) : 63.5 X 49.5 X 59 centimetro

* Gross weight: 166kg

* Net weight : 133kg


Advantages of Joy800:

* saliscendi. Sedia può essere messo molto vicino alla parete. Il corpo di presidenza sarà scivolare in avanti quando si inizia a risparmiare spazio.

* Nove lingue opzionale. (Inglese, coreano, spagnolo, Tedesco, russo, francese, portoghese, vietnamita, Cinese)

* CE, CB, RoHS certifications

* One year warranty


Massage chair is a best gift for your lover and your family, it can bring you health and happiness. Why not contacting us and getting more details of this model? Joyzone will be always at your service.


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