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March Alibaba Discount Festival!

March 5, 2019

March Alibaba Discount Festival!

March is coming, the annual March Alibaba Discount Festival began again.
March Alibaba Discount Festival is a grand gathering of transactions and services

organized by Alibaba international station for small and medium-sized enterprises

around the world. It is also a carnival for practitioners of global cross-border trade.

March Alibaba Discount Festival from March 4 to March 31. The event venue of the new trade festival includes 1 main venue, 4 industry sub-venues and 5 special venues. The website also provides free inspection service, logistics discount service, fee

reduction and other services for the new trade festival, helping merchants to obtain

more trade orders.

For expressing thanks for our customers, we prepared many discount activities at this time. Not only massage chairs but also massage products. What’s more, we enlarge the activity time till Apr. 10. If you side have any interest on massage products just feel free and inform us!

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