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Chinese hit TV series 《All IS WELL》

March 29, 2019

Chinese hit TV series 《All IS WELL》Chinese hit TV series 《All IS WELL》

The Su family, with its infinite scenery on the surface, collapsed instantly with the sudden death of Mother. Unexpected hidden dangers were revealed, and the problem of the placement and follow-up of the unsuspecting but selfish, stingy father broke the peaceful life of the older brother, the second brother and sister of the city.

Father Daqiang Su finally got rid of his wife’s iron fist, and intensified his efforts on several children, constantly making excessive demands.

Mingzhe Su, the boss who works in the United States, returned to China and was determined to provoke family burdens, but he was unable to bear the burden, causing his wife and children to continue to alienate. The old-fashioned second-year-old Mingcheng Su has no repentance, and cherishes vanity and earns money, leading to a double defeat of career and family. The oldest Mingyu Su, who was the last to be seen by the parents at the age of 18, and severed economic ties with his family, once vowed to draw a line with the family, but because of family ties, he once again stirred into the quagmire of the Su family. The family helped each other in a crisis.

In the end, the Su family realized that although there was blood connection, the communication between the family could not be ignored, and finally the return of family.

Facing such a torturing father, what would you do?
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