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Massage Chairs Manufacturer — Joyzone

February 22, 2019

Massage Chairs Manufacturer — Joyzone

Our company Joyzone is a professional manufacturer of massage products. We have been working hard in developing and producing professional massage equipment. Since 2010, we focus on high-end massage chairs. By 2016, we had grown from a small company to a large enterprise with over 200 employees. In 2018, month production volume reach to 500 units.


We have a complete line of massage chairs. The most professional product testing process, including Massage mechanism testing, bearing capacity testing, Simulate truck transport vibration, backrest lifetime testing, armrest strength & lifetime, drop testing.


Joyzone always provide best service for our customers:


Technical support

Technician training

Spare parts

24H professional service

Face to face communication with our clients every year

Fast delivery time


Sample order accepted

Marketing materials (videos, pictures of massage chairs)


The Enterprise culture:

* Production skills

* Craft improvement

* Sales skills

* After-sale service system

* Various activities


The enterprise vision:

Famous brand all over the world

Quality is our culture, service is our pursuit.


We are here to waiting for you!

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