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Spring is coming, spring syndrome is also coming

April 12, 2019

Spring is coming, spring syndrome is also coming

Are you feeling sleepy at afternoon in spring? Are you feeling very tired after working in spring?

Are you feeling weak all day in spring?

Now I will tell you the reason—spring syndrome.Once entering the spring, people are particularly prone to feel sleepy, unable to wake up from sleep and lack of energy in work, which is called “spring syndrome”.

It will lead to feeling sleepy,having the fidgets ,skin itch, being down in spirits, having no new ideas to share, no longer inspired.

So what can we do to improve this condition? The best way of solving this problem is going for a a massage. Here we would like recommend latest massage chair Joy-800 model for your reference.

On a bright afternoon, Sitting on the Joy-800, choose one of 12 kinds of Automatic programs to enjoy massage. It also can connected with bluetooth and play music which you want to listen. Then you can take a nap on the Joy-800 because space capsule function will make your sleep more comfortable. You will awake in a very comfortable condition.

Now do you want have a try? If you have any further advice, please do not hesitate and inform us.

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