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What are the characteristics of high-end massage chairs?

January 21, 2019

Dear customers,


Believe you have already knew the massage chair before you turn to see this webpage.

But what is massage chair?

What is a high end massage chair?

How many function massage chair with?

Hereto introduce our best 3D high end massage function for you reference, please follow me!


The massage chair Joy800 are produced by an advanced factory of strong research and development capability and excellent producing with full advanced massage chair functions.


Zero Gravity Sleep System;


Full Body Scan – Smart Full Body Medical Scan (massage width from 2.3 inches to 7.8 inches);


Head to Toe Back Massage System;


3D Massage – True 3D Deep Tissue Massage System;


Lower Back Massage – Intense Lower Back Rollers;


Engulfed Arm Massage System;


Quiet Massage;


Auto adjustable Leg Extensions for 6.6 inches ;


Wheels so you can easily move the chair around;


Full Body Stretch;


Hip Twist;


Shoulder Massage – Humongous Shoulder Massagers;


Heat Massage for back & waist;


Foot Reflexology Massage System;


Custom Forming Sole Rollers;

Hand Reflexology Massage Sytem;


Full Body Reflexology Massage System;


Human Hands Massage System;


Bluetooth music (no USB);


Smart phone/Tablet application controls (iOS & android APPs);


Sliding rail move forward to save space (11 inches, no need to leave any space between our chair and the wall);


L-track (length is 47 inches);


Twelve auto programs and four manual modes;


Various colors optional. Customized color is accepted;


Back roller intensity can be changed during 3D massage;


The maximum weight capacity is 265lb;


3D massage mechanism (4 rollers);


With high quality speaker;


Three rows of feet rollers.



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